Past Projects

Whilst leadership is imperative, these initiatives are the result of genuine collaboration among many remarkable individuals and partners.   



World Design Capital Bid 

Coordinated Adelaide’s bid to become the World Design Capital in 2018, bringing together 21 Bid Consortium partners collectively committing over $10million investment, from across industry, academia, State & Local Government as well as the not-for-profit sector, through the SA Department for State Development. 

The value proposition of the bid related to Adelaide’s scale, culture and stability as the ideal 'prototype' city for investment, using existing strengths to generate local as well as transferrable value, in the context of global megatrends.

Place SA

Established Place SA - an initiative to provoke exploration about what makes a great place, to strengthen our collective knowledge and connectdisparate sectors in this field.


Image: Ben White

Image: Ben White

Insulin pumps for children and young people with Type 1 Diabetes

Established and managed an outpatient insulin pump therapy program for children and young people with Type 1 diabetes, eliminating the need for multiple daily injections and significantly improving their Quality of Life.

Led partnerships with medical device companies to provide children and young people with insulin pumps, through the Women's and Children's Hospital. 

Cultural Impact Framework

Contributed to the development of a Cultural Impact Framework in partnership with five Local Government areas, through the Creative Communities Network and Arts South South Australia.

The Cultural Impact Framework enables decision makers to consider the impact of their decisions on culture. 


Artist: Annalise Reece 

Artist: Annalise Reece 

Art and Design in Health and Wellbeing

Founded the Arts in Health Program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital through the Foundation – to integrate art, architecture and design into the life of the hospital to improve children's experiences of illness and hospital.

Subsequently drafted and developed the model for the Centre for Creative Health at the Royal AdelaideHospital, through Arts South Australia in partnership with SA Health.  

Public art commissions

Through Arts South Australia contributed to the commissioning of many ephemeral and enduring public art works.