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A design code for life. (TM)

There is a small space between a happening and our response in which we get to choose how to be in the world.

Being. is a tool for health professionals and wellbeing practitioners to assist individuals, families, teams and organisations to build resilience by determining how to be in the world.

Being. is presented in a range of immersive ways, including as a ‘train the trainer’ workshop.

Being. cards are available now from TOOLS.



As a thought companion and provocateur, Urban Mind will partner with your organisation to explore and understand your greatest challenges and aspirations,  research and develop insight and develop reports or information papers - to deepen and broaden your understanding on particular topics.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Image by Patrick Tomasso

State of Being

The State of Being is ‘the vibe’ that emerges from the mood, the mindsets, the morals and the meaning of a place.

It informs EVERYTHING; how we treat each other, interact and collaborate, how we govern, what we eat, grow and produce, how we live, what we tolerate and protect, what we design, build, destroy, mine and manufacture, what we create, celebrate and even the things we grieve.

The Urban Mind approach provokes conversations and explores, maps, and measures the elements that shape the State of Being of places with the people who live, work, learn and play there.

It’s more than analytics.

It's insight, for wisdom. 

Image by Jonathan Simcoe

Image by Jonathan Simcoe


Thought leadership, professional advice and public speaking regarding:

  • The vibe of cities

  • The impact of arts for health and wellbeing

  • Public art and place

  • Collaborative systems design in health

  • Imagination, Curiosity & Creativity

  • Enriching the creative and cultural life of cities

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

Collaborative Design for  Impact

Through human centered design Urban Mind will work with your organisation, service providers and end-users to inspire and generate ideas, then design, pilot test and refine desirable, feasible and viable solutions and business models.

Urban Mind guides the implementation of an agreed strategy and initiatives to ensure your organisation emerges with the necessary capability to sustain change.

Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Strategy

Arts, culture and creativity enrich our lives, stir our imagination, strengthen our communities and build prosperity.

Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Strategy creates the opportunity to inspire and provoke creativity, celebrate unique Firsts Nation’s customs and traditions, as well as the natural geological and botanical beauty and history of the place, and bring contemporary narratives to life.

Urban Mind works closely with councils, regions, businesses and communities to UNDERSTAND and appreciate people, their lives and the place, EXPLORE existing aspirations and and future potential, DISTIL insights and TRANSLATE local capability and ambition into a Strategy and viable Action Plan to create meaningful and unique places.